Jun 6, 2011

40-year-old Is Still Working Hard for Technology.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) celebrated its 40th birthday last month … time flies.  The protocol now known as FTP has come a long way since Abhay Bushan, an MIT student, created the original specifications for it.  The standard has grown from a simple protocol to copy files over a TCP-based network into the integrated model it is today. FTP provides control, compliance and security in a range of environments including cloud. In fact … FTP forms the link to many cloud-based services and applications.

Today, newcomers such as peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are available.  However, FTP is deemed more secure than P2P which is mandatory when it comes to transactions such as online banking. P2P is considered growing faster in its technology driven by the explosion of mobile devices and is appreciated for its file sharing and download speed.

Are you still using FTP?  What are you using FTP for in your organization? Let us know.

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