Dec 4, 2014

3 Major Codero Updates: Complete Automation for Hybrid, CEBS and an Updated Cloud API

Part of being a true industry leader is always striving to improve and evolve.  At Codero, we take being the leading provider of dedicated, cloud, managed and On-Demand Hybrid hosting very seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce three major updates to our services:

  1. Automated On-Demand Hybrid setup and drag-and-drop functionality
  2. Automated Codero Elastic Block Storage (CEBS) setup and drag-and-drop functionality
  3. New API hooks for CEBS and Hybrid

1. End-to-End Automation for Hybrid

For all new deployments of dedicated servers and Cloud, Codero Automation makes setting up On-Demand Hybrid a breeze. This is done through the use of the new Codero Agent, a small script that lives on your server and is responsible for automating the processes of Hybrid and Block Storage. The Codero Agent is installed on all Cloud images, so once you’ve created a Cloud server, you’re all set to start reaping the benefits.

For systems using dedicated servers or Smart Servers and do not yet have the Agent installed, you can leverage this new automation technology by letting support know. Our top notch 24×7 team of experts will install it for you.

Hybrid controls have also been included in the Cloud Portal for easy access. The functionality here is the same as it is in Server Portal, with drag-and-drop capabilities.



2. End-to-End Automation for CEBS

If you need the highest Input/Output performance per second (IOPS) for your database, ecommerce site or big data application, Codero Elastic Block Storage is the industry leader. With our latest update, to add a CEBS volume to a Cloud Server, you can simply drag-and-drop to attach the volume to the right Cloud Server. Easy to use, easy to understand and easy on the eyes.



3. Codero API 1.1

The next iteration of the Codero API is here! This latest version of our Cloud API now includes hooks for the Codero Cloud, as well as controls for CEBS and our On-Demand Hybrid, making it easier than ever to integrate with your Codero Cloud servers, streamline processes and customize your Codero experience. As usual, documentation can be found at:


When I think back to my first day at Codero, I can’t help but take pride in how our commitment to our customers has held strong through the years, and driven us to make improvements like these and many others. But we couldn’t do it without you. We’re committed to listening to your feedback and thoughts. After all, for us, hosting isn’t just our business; it’s our service, and our passion. So if you would like to learn more or let me know what you think about these newest updates, please let me know via Twitter @chandlervaughn or @Codero.



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