Aug 10, 2011

20 Years Later … Linux is More Than Just a Hobbyist’s Experiment (and a Penguin)

Once Linux entered the computing scene 20 years ago, nothing was the same again. Linux today is everywhere … it is the largest collaborative development project in the history of computing.

You’ll find Linux in your TV, on your desktop, at the movies, powering stock exchanges, in your car, in your phone and at your ATM.

Back in 1991, it was Linus Torvalds, who released the first Linux code and decided to share his operating system with the world.  Linus is also the one who chose a penguin as the Linux mascot … he was inspired by the penguin that bit him in 1996 at an aquarium.

To commemorate its 20-year anniversary, the Linux Foundation created an infographic that highlights the events of the open-source movement since 1991.  It shows how big an impact the open source operating system has made since its inception.

Linux Infographic Milestone

Linux Infographic, click to enlarge.

Linux today continues to be the biggest OS player in the cloud as well. So it looks like it’s here to stay.

Take a look at the history of Linux in this short video produced by The Linux Foundation:

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