High Performance Codero
Elastic SSD Block Storage Pricing

Adding the highest performance storage to any application has never been easier and less expensive.
Pick the performance level your application storage demands. All tiers of IOPS are independently billed per volume. Simply put--multiple volumes of Codero Elastic Block Storage are billed separately.
Choose Storage Amount (32 GB Minimum)
32 GB
2 TB
Choose an IOPS Speed
1000 IOPS
Equivalent to 18x SATA Raid 10
30¢ per GB
2000 IOPS
Equivalent to 36x SATA Raid 10
45¢ per GB
3000 IOPS
Equivalent to 54x SATA Raid 10
60¢ per GB

32 GB
1000 IOPS
per month


Codero Elastic SSD Block Storage Use Cases
Cindy, Hosting Expert
  • High Performance Database Applications
  • Analytic Applications Acceleration
  • Demanding Storage/IO Applications
  • eCommerce / Highly Transactional Applications
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • ERP / CRM Application Hosting
  • Flexible Public / Private Cloud Storage