How High Performance Codero Elastic
SSD Cloud Block Storage Outperforms!

Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage is offered at the block level, similar to a local hard drive on a server or PC, however Input/output performance and performance scalability are guaranteed! This means you get a raw space to create volumes in the size, speed, and format you need to meet the demands of your hosted application now, and in the future

Once the volume is created it is presented as a logical disk (LUN) to your server, same as a local hard drive on a server.

Create volumes that are on demand and flexible depending on the size and speed you need, with full redundancy and high availability built in. The beauty of this solution is you only pay for what you need. When you need more, you expand your LUN on demand and within seconds.
Boost Your Applications Performance to Unprecedented Levels
Avoid slow database and application IO performance. Codero Elastic Block Storage volume will greatly increase the speed of your hosted applications by offloading your cloud or dedicated servers’ resources from handling storage IO tasks.
Application Performance Boost
Customize Your IOPS Per Volume
Customize Your IOPS Per Volume
Codero Elastic Block Storage is different than all other solutions in the market. It offers tiers of IOPS speed to better fit your application AND your budget. Simply choose your desired speed and you’ll be up and running at the minimum rate of IOPS you requested within seconds. Need more speed? Change your IOPS speed setting at anytime and the new speed will be in effect in real time! Now that is Innovation!
What are IOPS?
IOPS stands for Input/Output Operations Per Second (pronounced eye-ops). They are a common unit of measurement to benchmark the speed of storage devices across all ranges.

Codero Elastic SSD Block Storage Use Cases
Cindy, Hosting Expert
  • High Performance Database Applications
  • Analytic Applications Acceleration
  • Demanding Storage/IO Applications
  • eCommerce / Highly Transactional Applications
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • ERP / CRM Application Hosting
  • Flexible Public / Private Cloud Storage