High Performance Codero
Elastic SSD Cloud Block Storage

The ONLY Guaranteed Performance Storage in the Industry!

Demanding applications require the highest Input/Output performance per second (IOPS) possible. Codero Elastic Block Storage is in a class of its own. Codero Elastic Block Storage delivers the ONLY guaranteed high-performance, Multi-Platform storage system in the entire industry, available to meet any situation or load. Now, only with Codero, you can customize the amount of storage and IOPS to meet your performance and availability needs. Attach it to Codero Cloud, a Dedicated Server, or a Smart Server. Furthermore, Codero Elastic Block Storage is completely flexible, enabling you to scale your performance (IOPS) up or down as needed.

High IO Applications That Need Codero Elastic Block Storage
High IO Applications That Need Codero Elastic Block Storage
On-Demand Hybrid Features
The Only Guaranteed Quality of
Service In The Industry
The ultimate in reliability and performance, Codero Elastic Block Storage guarantees top level performance IOPS speeds, in addition to high availability. Simply select the amount of raw storage and IOPS you need for your application and we guarantee that the minimum IOPS specified will always be met, under any condition. What are IOPS?
IOPS Guaranteed Performance
SSD Performance and Reliability
SSD Arrays for Top Performance and Reliability
The integrity and safety of your data is paramount. With Codero, you can rest easy knowing that your data is backed up across an array of SSD drives that are part of fully redundant nodes with backup power and networking.
Highest Performance Storage For Any Codero Solution
Easily add high performance storage to any hosting configuration. Codero Elastic Block Storage can be connected to Codero Cloud, Codero Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Smart Servers, and Codero On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™.
High Performance For Any Codero Solution
Customized Minimum IOPS
Pick the storage and performance level your applications demand. All tiers of IOPS are independently billed per the volume you require. Simply put--multiple volumes of Codero Elastic Block Storage are billed separately.
1000 IOPS
Equivalent to 18x SATA Raid 10
30¢ per GB
2000 IOPS
Equivalent to 36x SATA Raid 10
45¢ per GB
3000 IOPS
Equivalent to 54x SATA Raid 10
60¢ per GB
Flexible Storage Fit for Any Application
From databases to file stores, Codero Elastic Block Storage increases application performance. Once a volume is created, simply format and configure to meet the hosted application requirements. Codero will take care of the rest.
Flexible Storage