NoSQL Big Data Hosting
Better with Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, and Hybrid Hosting
Big data has big needs. Processing and storing enormous amounts of distributed data isn't for just any solution. Applications like Hadoop, MongoDB, Basho and Cassandra require strong I/O performance, scalability and a highly reliable infrastructure. That's why they belong on our automated bare metal dedicated servers.

Because Big Data workloads are so demanding, we recommend combining the best of our dedicated bare metal servers with our On-Demand Hybrid™ Cloud.
Bare metal power
Answer high-performance I/O needs and handle extreme database processing requirements while avoiding the risks of shared hardware.
Easily meet sudden spikes in processing. Scale up or down in an instant with 1 hour deploy dedicated servers.
Predictable performance
Bare metal's highly-consistent performance means you can scale as your operations grow.
On-Demand Hybrid
Use the industry's only On-Demand Hybrid for a completely seamless connection between your bare metal servers and cloud instances that could host the front end of your applications.

Flexible Big Data Solutions
Configure your big data infrastructure solution today
Big data means a lot of things to a lot of people. That's why you have the flexibility to build the perfect infrastructure for your big data needs, whether on your own or with the assistance of one of our hosting experts. Get bare metal power connected to cloud scalability via our On-Demand Hybrid today.
How On-Demand Hybrid Powers Big Data Applications
The On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™ connects your dedicated bare metal servers and Codero cloud server instances. This allows your infrastructure to communicate on its own Hybrid Network* and completely bypass public interfaces, making your big data application more secure, flexible and scalable.
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* Hybrid Network - Patent Pending