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Never be in danger of losing your most valuable asset – your data. Our EVault and R1Soft (Idera) backup solutions help make it hassle-free to ensure your data stays protected and your systems are running smoothly.

EVault Backup
EVault backup is an automated backup system that uses a disk-to-disk process to ensure accuracy. It only backs up data blocks in new or changed files, making it a more efficient backup solution. Additional plug-ins are available for compatibility with MS Exchange, MSSQL, SharePoint and more. An ideal solution for someone looking for a true agent-based backup solution to a secure Vault.
EVault helps protect against:
  • File corruption or deletion
  • Application-level data corruption or loss for MS Exchange, MSSQL, VMWare, and open files
  • Point-in-time failures
Protect your data
End-to-end encryption protects your sensitive data.
Save time
Faster backup times with minimal backend storage.
Answer your exact needs
Support for multiple platforms and applications, and customizable data monitoring and disaster recovery.
Managed EVault Backup
Take advantage of our proven expertise—from initial setup and regular reporting to round-the-clock monitoring and full data restores. With Codero experts managing your backup, you’ll reduce risk, minimize cost, and have more time to run your business.
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Codero Continuous Data Protection Powered by R1Soft (Idera)
Codero Continuous Data Protection Powered by R1Soft (Idera) is a disk-to-disk backup solution that allows you to perform block-level backup as frequently as every 15 minutes. Backups take minutes, not hours, with a disk I/O overhead is so small you can’t measure it. It’s compatible with both Windows and Linux, and has a web-based UI for easy use and convenience. An ideal solution for those looking for full protection and control over their disaster recovery strategy.
Codero Continuous Data Protection helps protect against:
  • Very fine grain file corruption or deletion
  • Application-level data corruption or loss for MySQL, SQL Server, VMWare, Xenserver, HyperV, Exchange with no added plug-in costs
  • Point-in-time failures
Everything is included; no additional modules required for MySQL/SQL server, encryption or compression.
R1Soft (Idera) CDP System Requirements:
  • CDP Agent per Server
  • Linux Management Server
  • At least 1 Codero 4TB NAS - Dedicated 8 TB NAS strongly recommended
Save time
Backups will take minutes, not hours. Schedule backups as frequently as every 15 minutes.
Save money
You only pay for what you use, so you’ll save money even at scale.
Restore faster
Restore large file systems or entire servers fast.

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